I began following the ABC well over 50 years ago. It offered Australian, state and regional cover of the highest order. It was balanced in terms of both gender and political reporting. Over the decades bias to urban audiences with leftist political leanings has become part of “Aunts” broadcasting ethos, with men feeling disenfranchised by our national broadcaster.


The NT ICAC investigating itself for internal practices would be a contender for NT joke of the year, if the issue was not so serious. Any organisation examining questionable practices, has to be above reproach. That is clearly not the case for NT’s ICAC. Is it yet another local institution set to be mourned for its failures.


Regular advertisements outlining her senatorial contributions remind us that within a few days, the CLP Preselection Committee will be choosing between Senator Sam McMahon and contender Jacinta Price for number one spot on the CLP senate ticket. What a tussle this is becoming! Thanks NT News for the ongoing coverage.


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