With ICAC Commissioner Ken Fleming due to leave his role on July 5, it seems the fuss about his recent role management issues are little more than hype. It would be better to rule a line under his tenure and make a fresh start with this authority on July 6


I believe it to be the height of irresponsibility for Matt Wright to share pictures of himself swimming with a saltwater crocodile. He can say what he likes about warning off copycats but a picture is worth 1,000 words of cautionary counsel.

I hope him saying he has a ” special relationship with animals” does not lead to his undoing or the demise of others who may have fanciful notions of impregnability.


Congratulations to Squadron Leader Tony Slaven and Wing Commander Jordon Sander for their leadership roles in upskilling trainee defence pilots. They are but two people within our Territory offering leadership and strong guidance within their operational field. With men like these showing the way, our air defence is in strong hands.


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