With Hidden Valley done and dusted for another year, we can look forward to the unleashing of ‘drive alikes’ hooning on the roads around Darwin, Palmerston and the rural area. One can only hope sense prevails and we don’t have a spate of traffic accidents.


As a periodic user of the Karama PO services, (and a person who has visited the precinct for the last 30 years), I note there is rarely a time when the shopping centre mall, car park or adjacent bus stop are not subject to social or behavioural disturbance. Security staff work overtime on controlling situations. This once welcoming retail and commercial venue is now visited on a strictly ‘urgent needs only’ basis.


Police Commissioner Chalker and ranking officers can try cutting crime figures in whatever directions they like through data interpretation. It remains a fact that community perceptions of crime, are that things are bad and getting worse. Flagrant disregard of law and order, particularly by recidivist youth, is a 24/7 threat to business owners, citizens and vulnerable residents.

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