Points to Ponder


Against the hurdy-gurdy background of states locking down, (often at very short notice) because of Covid, the AFL and its 18 teams are doing extraordinary well in managing to keep one step ahead of the season being disrupted or curtailed. May fortune continue to favour the League.


The petition by a growing number of Alice Springs residents for their show to be deferred rather than cancelled outright (NT News 2/7) makes sound sense. This would lend itself to enabling all regional shows and the Darwin Show to be held, but a little later than usual. Shows are tantamount to significant festivals and should proceed. If the Alice Springs shows IS canned, that will have a deleterious impact on other shows, including Tennant presently notified as also cancelled.


The mine worker’s breach of quarantine restrictions in order to buy cigarettes are making them the most expensive (in terms of lockdown and business dislocation) fags to ever impact NT history. The identities of people who knowingly breach guidelines and add to matters by telling lies about their behaviour, should be revealed. They do not deserve to be shrouded in the protection of anonymity.


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