Without prejudice, the majority of our Covid problems have been caused by people who are not prepared to change or modify their behaviour.

Immigrants want to continue living in large family enclaves, so infecting each other. I suspect that not understanding what is happening is not for real because the message of Covid is out there and understood.

People on Covid prone areas and indeed all over Australia ignore social distancing and personal hygiene rules. Mandated QR codes are largely overlooked.

Hundreds and thousands of cautions and deliberate Covid violations attest to the rank selfishness with which many people are imbued, while bearing testament to the inadequacy of penalties. Too many people treat Covid as a joke.

NSW is currently afflicted, reminding us that the initial spread of the virus in Australia started with the ‘Ruby Princess’ fiasco. Since then, a particular premier has been keen to extol her state’s superior management of the virus, while criticising the management methodologies of other premiers.

Then of course we have the stupidity of hotel quarantine and the Commonwealth’s lack of alacrity when it came to vaccine access. So the country is playing catch up.

A little more resolution would be useful in overall management of this viral iniquity.

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