Points to Ponder

Points to Ponder

We read and hear of the financial hardships imposed by the impact of Covid on our community. If that IS the case, how can it be that retail sales are at an all time high and surging? And how is it that within Australia people are travelling and playing tourist virus free areas (paying big dollars) like never before? I do not understand.


Congratulations to Chan Ward Aldermanic hopeful Ed Smelt, who was out and about, campaigning at the Nightcliff Shopping Centre last weekend. He wins the early bird award. It seems our presently elected aldermen and other hopefuls are yet to reveal themselves for an election looming next month. When, I wonder, will they emerge.


Most couples getting married have been living together for a long, long time, some for many, many years. If Covid delays wedding plans, does that really matter because in terms of their domestic situations, nothing is changing.

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