There has been ANOTHER e-Scooter accident in Darwin, the third in the last week (NT News online 25/6). It would be interesting to analyse whether there are more scooter or motor vehicle accidents in the CBD and areas accessed by both, within a given period. Maybe this question could be come the subject of a doctoral study at CDU.


The return of traditional lands including the township of Jabiru to the Mirarr people (NT News 25/6) is wonderful news. This move will secure the future of a town that will be developed as an outstanding tourist attraction overseen by traditional owners. It may be appropriate at some future time for the town to be renamed in order to better reflect the cultural relevance of the centre.


I am beginning to wonder if children born in 2020 and 2021 will ever grow up into a world without Covid of one of the myriad of variants which will spin off this evolving viral family. In time, the identification of variants will exhaust the Greek alphabet.

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