The QR code can be used to give actual times is shops, businesses and shopping centres if it is engaged on phones as people enter and exit places. Deduction of the first from the second time stamp gives the exit and actual times spent on premises. This could have future use if places are later designated as hotspots because of access by infected persons.


Those who engage in anti vaccination and lockdown protests deserve severe chastisement. For breachers, that should include cancellation of unemployment benefits and all welfare assistance for a designated period of time. Those not prepared to respect community needs and government/health department directions do not deserve support.


Covid vaccine optionality is dangerous and will prolong community uncertainty about the inroads of this disease by weeks and months. It is this optionality that is continuing the dangerous inroads of the coronavirus in the UK and USA where the community is supposedly reaching full vaccination. That cannot be the case when 30% to 40% are refusing to be vaccinated. The same outcome could happen in Australia.


I wonder why signage asking motorists to desist stopping on sections of thoroughfares designated as entry points for traffic from the left are written in a way that reverses the message to approaching drivers. The message should be “KEEP CLEAR “

but is stencilled across the width of the left hand side lane(s) as “CLEAR KEEP”

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