To date, 27 people without Covid infection, have become Covid positive while in hotel quarantine. They in turn have infected others, in some cases many, many others. Hotel quarantine is responsible for a lot of our ongoing issues with the virus. We will have problems with Covid for as long as hotel quarantine is the go to method of quarantine management.

There are too many ‘if’s’, ‘but’s’, ‘maybe’s’ and exceptions about the way in which the NSW Government has handled the Sydney lockdown. The process lacks consistency and the outcome is that there are increasing numbers of community transmissions with the end of lockdown maybe months away.


It is to be hoped the Indo Pacific Marine attraction and educational exhibit can be housed at the museum (Sun Terr 25/7) or elsewhere. To dismantle this fine exhibition would be a travesty. The attraction is iconic and has brought marine understanding to hundreds of thousands of people, local and visitors alike. It must not be consigned to the realms of extinction.

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