I am very glad that the courts determined the amount to be paid out in the Don Dale class action should be revealed to the public. $35 million. It is an amount that will cause people to gasp with astonishment. It may well suggest that there is a silver lining for those convicted and detained for wrongdoing, if management of their sentences is deemed inappropriate.

All the best to new CEO of Danila Dilba Rob McPhee as he takes up the management reins of this key organisation. He succeeds Olga Havnen who has done an outstanding job in overseeing the key health service provisions of Danila Dilba for the past eight years.

Jabiru’s hybrid power station (NT News 2/8) with both diesel and solar components will be a real fillip for the community. A similar plant is needed for the town of Nhulunbuy. This town and community of 3,000 people experience regular power outages and disruptions that negatively impact on businesses and residents. Irregularity of power supply has plagued the community for many years.

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