Opposition leader Lia Finocchiaro did the perceptions held of her no favours by storming out of the Legislative Assembly on August 10 when things did not go her way. This behaviour was tantamount to throwing a tantrum, something not expected of leaders. She owes her party and the assembly an apology for this conduct.


An overfull and unstable waste bin recently confronted the driver of a JJ Richards truck who was doing weekly kerbside collections in our suburb. He could have driven past and left the bin. Instead he got out, manually moved excess rubbish from the bin into the truck’s hopper, climbed back into the truck, picked up and emptied the bin. This driver deserves recognition and thanks for his management of the situation.


It is worrying that people booking vaccinations have not been turning up for their appointments. This indicates a complacent attitude to protection against the virus and also raises the spectre of vaccines expiring because of non administration by their use by date. We need to be smart, not slack about vaccination.


Many years of living in our suburb have taught me the two rules applying to street sweeping by both the City of Darwin Council and the NT Government (responsible for a nearby major road.)

Street sweeping cannot commence before 11.00 pm.

The street sweeper must pass up and down over the same stretch of road at least four times.


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