Points to Ponder


NT Nursing and Midwifery Federation Secretary Cath Hatcher’s interview with Katie Woolf (Mix 104.9 15/9 and reported in the NT News 16/9) was/is impacting and deeply disturbing. Ms Hatcher has demonstrated that issues confronting our nursing fraternity are overwhelming with many staff close to breaking point. I hope what she had to say hits home with decision makers and leads the key issues she raised, being addressed.

Our Chief Minister Michael Gunner and Chief Medical Officer Hugh Heggie deserve high praise for the plan designed to maximise protection from Covid for all Northern Territorians. I am so glad they have not been swayed by the carping of those who would open us up for the sake of making money and in so doing, throwing health cautions to the wind. We are lucky to have the protective leadership of the Gunner/ Heggie duo.

There is talk about hotels housing those undertaking Covid quarantine being gradually returned to offering accomodation to travellers and tourists. I would be very reluctant to accomodate at one of these hotels because of the possibility of lingering virus that could be infectious.

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