There were 250 full page ads in the NT News* in September. That did not count:

. Government announcements.

. Covid information.

. Racing information.

. Any folded lift out.

. Any magazine inclusions.

This was an increase in the number of full page advertisements in the paper over August, the ‘leanest’ for any month to date for full page advertisements this year.

The least number of pages (1) were printed on September 27.

The greatest number of advertising pages happened on September 11 (20).

This year (January – September) there have been 2868 full page advertisements in the paper.

I began a new observation; the number of stories each month that are about crime and criminal activity as it impacts on the NT. In April there were 125 stories on this subject in the paper. There were 110 crime stories relating to the NT in May, a total of 235 for the two months. Up until September 30 there have been 616 stories on crime in the NT. There were 84 stories relating to crime in the NT during September. The majority related to crimes committed by young people.

Crime stories do not include regular or daily updates on ongoing cases, for instance the Rolfe or Hoffman trials.

* Includes both the ‘NT News’ and ‘Sunday Territorian’.

Please note that I do not count half and quarter page advertisements in my analysis. It is full page advertisements only. Neither are lift-outs (JB Hi Fi and Good Guys for example) included, when they do not form part of the paginated pages in the paper.

. Any announcements of festivals, celebratory weeks and so on are generally not included.

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