As a long term supporter and applauder of the Gunner Government, I am becoming increasingly disappointed and frustrated by the CM and his ministers studiously avoiding their obligation to provide daily press briefings about the inroads of Covid. We should not be left to wonder and worry because our leaders, who in so many ways HAD been proactive and caring, seemingly can’t be bothered with keeping us in the informational loop.


It will be a wonderful boon to Mandorah and Wagait residents ABC visitors when the new Mandorah jetty becomes a reality. Those to whom the jetty is a vital facility have long dreamt of this promised facility becoming a reality. They will welcome government action on this long anticipated upgrade.


It is hard to understand why escalating numbers of Covid infections are being matched by testing sites being closed in states and territories. Hundreds of thousands of Australians are spending hours and hours each day, in lines of people on foot or in cars, inching toward the front of Covid testing sites. Queuing is becoming a major occupation.


How many tens of billions of dollars have Australian governments poured into purchasing (and analysing results from) PCR and RAT tests to date. The mind boggles; it would be an astronomical figure. How long will it be before people have to pay for more than RAT test kits presently on sale. Maybe straight after the May federal election!

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