The ED’s at RDH and Palmerston Regional need to be physically modified. One section should admit people with ailments and injuries occasioned by genuine mishap. The other section should admit patients who are heavily affected by alcohol or substance taking. This would help minimise the absolute behavioural chaos at the ED’s, which delays treatment of illness and injury and occurs night after night.


In past months the NT Government said its aim was to keep the territory Covid free. Now they are saying the aim is NOT to keep Covid out, but to ensure our hospital system is not overwhelmed. Shifting goalposts is a government speciality.

Over a period of years, I have come to appreciate the hairdressing services offered by the owner and staff at Moil’s ‘Pink Lady’ hairdressing salon. The business offers outstanding hair treatments, be they simple or more complex. This is the best haircutting business I have discovered in many years.

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