The NT News lead story (‘Our remote housing crisis rack and ruin’, 14/12) highlights two urgent deficiencies that need to be addressed. The NT Government must be more aware of maintenance issues and act with greater alacrity to fix problems in remote houses it owns. As well, tenants (adults and children alike) must be educated in a way that enables them to understand the need for ongoing care and treatment of fixtures and fittings in order to avoid premature wear and tear. This May require an educational program for housing occupants.


Billy Moir’s letter to the NT News (Trades needed 16/12) pointing out that Indigenous Australians in past times were competent tradespersons and builders is spot on. Keith Cole in his book ‘Arnhemland People and Places’ takes readers on a text and pictorial tour of the top end from that era. Many communities were, as Cole reveals, both self sufficient in building and agriculture while also supplying produce to others. Government policy lead to the decline and extinguishment of these skills. Rebuilding of what was lost is underway but the catching up process is slow.

Key television news programs are

benefiting from daily appearances (and from all parts of Australia) by PM Scott Morrison and Labor leader Anthony Albanese. I am humbled by the deep desire they have to communicate so regularly with viewers.

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