With each passing day I am becoming more nervous and jittery about Covid. Although fully vaccinated it is taking me hours to pluck up the courage to go shopping. While using the QR code, trolley wiping, hand sanitising, mask wearing and physically distancing, I feel the ever present and lurking threat of Covid. This may well be for the rest of my life.


The security and assurance I have long felt in the wisdom and actions of the Gunner Government are being shaken. I am wondering whether my confidence has been misplaced. The safety and security I felt because of sensible Covid management policies is being eroded by the fact the issue seems out of control. For Covid it seems ‘anything goes’ and government is now ‘letting it rip’. My allegiance is being sorely tested.


NT voters are wise in having elected NT Legislative Assembly politicans who are truly representative of our population, ethnically and by gender. We have 12 women and 13 men. Five of our elected members are Indigenous Australians. This representative balance must be the envy of other states and the ACT.

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