So the tens of thousands of patrons heading to major sporting events in Australia’s Covid prone states are double vaxed, try to physically distance and are masked unless eating or drinking! Television footage confirms that distancing and mask wearing are out the door; I’d bet the vaccination status of some at least, would also be suspect. Cases in these states are continuing to rise by tens of thousands each day. No wonder!


The epidemic of Covid in the NT is thanks to the government opening the borders in a ‘carte Blanc’ manner to Australian states and the ACT on December 20 2021. That was the day all the good, careful and scrutinising surveillance against Covid was undone by policy change. This short sighted decision will have extremely negative long term consequences.


Caz Shopper’s (txt editor 10/1) is not alone in apprehension about security in the Centre’s car parks. The centre as a whole has become subject to the behavioural caprices of antisocial individuals and groups seemingly hell bent on creating stress for shoppers. I used to love shopping at Casuarina, but now o only go there for services not available elsewhere.

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