Tasmanians, who for so long have enriched teams through their participation in (other) state and Australian representative teams, thoroughly deserve the 5th Ashes cricket test, the FIRST ever, to be played at Bellerive Oval in Hobart. We too often fail to appreciate Tasmania, and Taswegians for their contribution to Australia.

So the tens of thousands of patrons heading to major sporting events in Australia’s Covid prone states are double vaxed, try to physically distance and are masked unless eating or drinking! Television footage confirms that distancing and mask wearing are out the door; I’d bet the vaccination status of some at least, would also be suspect. Cases in these states are continuing to rise by tens of thousands each day. No wonder!

Two outcomes are absolutely guaranteed if the NT Government introduces a waste levy for commercial and industrial waste. Building maintenance and construction costs will rise. There will also be an epidemic of waste dumping onto vacant land, rural roadsides and in quiet bushland. Careful thinking about a waste levy is needed.


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