What I wrote on January 21 2020


Jacinta Price’s recent column in the NT News (18/1) paints a picture of Australia Day as an opportunity for Indigenous Australians to reflect upon the wonderful contributions they make to our multicultural and multilingual country. 71% of Australians want January 26 to be a day of positive and shared remembrance. That’s the way it should remain.

Relief and joy are often expressed when thieves stealing vehicles are not maimed or killed in accidents that often follow. What about trotting our empathy and understanding for victims whose stolen vehicles are so often trashed, burned or otherwise totally destroyed.

The Gunner Government’s determination to bring on Dan Murphy’s at whatever cost, is destroying the integrity of Justice Trevor Riley’s findings. Our CM needs to stand behind the Tribunal’s findings. To waver and vacillate flies in the face of what government has done to secure Riley’s findings in action outcomes.

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