The fact that government and the relevant department insist on an 80 kph speed limit on Vanderlin Drive, outbound from almost adjacent to Hibiscus shopping centre, could well lead to a fatal road accident. The limit SHOULD be reduced to 60 kph until motorists are past Patterson Street and the Leanyer waterpark. Far too many near misses are happening because of speed in this section of road.


Now more than ever, with Covid so embedded within the territory, I try and take extreme care when venturing out in public. I leave home for only the most urgent of reasons, timing my departure from adnd return to the safety and security of our abode. Covid impresses upon me the fact that nothing can be taken for granted and that extreme care and caution must be exercised every day.

Rents are skyhigh, setting renters back many hundreds of dollars each week. Might it not be better for rent payments to be expressed as costing X number of dollars per hour. That might sound more palatable and be easier to swallow.

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