I have heard there is a strong possibility that Leanyer Drive will be renamed Dog Road in honour of the most common, almost constant, audible sound emanating from properties along its length. Pedestrians beware, for walking is not a quiet exercise.


The new drive through approach for customer convenience at Red Rooster Northlakes with both display boards and audio facility linking customers to the staff for ordering of meals, make the process of service a lot faster and far more convenient than was the case. Many other drive through businesses could benefit from a similar upgrade.

The Labor Party keeps pushing the line of wanting to induce and reward double jabbed Australians with a $300 gift from the federal treasury. That would be an outlay of $300,000,000 for every 1,000, 000 fully vaccinated Australians. Work out the cost if we finish up with well north of 15,0000,0000 jabbed citizens. Small calculators blink in horror when doing the sums.

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