I am an urban farmer – first post.

I am going share on LinkedIn and add to my blog, my “togetherness blog“ a little series about one of my occupations at the moment.

In retirement, one of the things I have discovered about flash terminology is the term “Urban Farmer“. I did not identify quickly as being an urban farimer, but the term has a certain warmth and it sticks.

As an urban farmer who has an 800 square block with a backyard and some fence lines, I face both challenges and have the opportunity to celebrate. I’m going to share a little over the next period of time about both.

Some of my posts will talk about the frustrations experienced as an urban farmer. Others will talk about the things I’ve been able to do and tell about the produce I have been able to share.

There will be some giveaways that are offered and all my giveaways are free to anyone who might like to use them. I’m not an urban farmer for profit but rather for the fun and for the frustration that it offers.

Urban farming is not a bad occupation for a very old man.

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