I am an urban farmer facing several challenges. The major challenge has two parts.

The first problem is there are no longer bees, green ants, and other insects that fertilise flowers, present in our neighbourhood.

When we first came here in 1987 there were an abundance of green ants, plenty of bees and other insects that assisted when it came to fertilisation. Now, for whatever reason they are all gone.

I saw a bee the other day, on a passionfruit vine in our backyard. It was a rarity. I haven’t seen another one since. I have asked why it is that these insects have vanished but nobody seems to have an answer to my question.

The second problem is the confusion of weeds, coffee bush seed (carried by birds and conveyed by wind) that quickly germinates, and creepers that come over our fence, courtesy of neighbouring properties.

Controlling this unwanted invasion (which is constant year around) takes time and also costs money. Weedkillers do not come cheaply.

(As I fully funded two of our three division fences, I feel some ownership of what happens when it comes to the use.)

These and other inconveniences have to be dealt with, if urban farming is to be a success.

So much for a grizzle, but it’s important that others realise what I confront when it comes to the challenges of nature confronting urban farmers.

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