Policing in the NT will be a deficit model until every town, community and homeland settlement has a ‘bricks and mortar’ facility, with every station staffed by officers living on site. We have some way to go!


Government has responsibility to ensure that people in remote communities are kept as safe as possible from the ravages of Covid. However, elders, traditional owners and community leaders must all play their part by being vaccinated and using their influence to persuade all others to vaccinate. Community response cannot be influenced by government alone.


Could Government ministers please tell us the way things are. The health and police departments are in deep crises. Our economy is in a parlous position and the territory is under the pump. Darwin is NOT the ‘Comeback Capital’, and the statement ‘boundless possible’ is empty rhetoric. Ministers, be honest and stop trying to hoodwink us with trite, dismissive statements; acknowledge how bad things really are in the NT.

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