Casuarina Shopping Square has been sold again. It was at its best when smaller, family friendly and supporting community through encouraging art/craft displays and musical performances. Back then, the centre was warm, inviting and welcoming – very much like Gateways right now.


It is reported the Rio situation and that confronted by female mine workers is so bad that women on site are living in constant fear of molestation. If that is the case, employment contracts should be offered only to women and not renewed for men. Upgrading workforces by degree to women only will be workplace enhancing.

Productivity will also increase because women are so focussed on the jobs they are doing.


I spoke with a Darwin bus driver on Tuesday. He was on his way to work, wondering about the level of confrontation he would face from verbal assaults and physical threats ‘today’. He told me reporting is a waste of time because driver concerns are shrugged off and not dealt with in any way. It is totally and morally wrong that drivers are, in essence, told to “suck it up” and accept this abuse as par for the course.


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