The history and development of NT’s ICAC has been punctuated by incredible operational processes almost from day one. The seeming incredulity of decisions that have been made suggest that very little consideration was given to constituting the ICAC before it was brought into premature existence.


The sudden departure of Justin Langer, one of Cricket Australia’s most effective coaches, makes him the fourth coach in a row to leave under a cloud. However, it is rare for a coach who has done so much to rebuild a team, taking it from the lowest of low to the highest of high points, to be dishonoured when the team is at its zenith. The Australian Cricket Board may well come to regret the decision leading to Langer’s resignation.


A pharmacist told me on Saturday (5/2) that a reasonable supply of RAT kits to outlets in the NT is at least two weeks away. If fortunate enough to locate kits, be aware of the fact that purchase is tax deductible.


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