The NT trial of Constable Zachary Rolfe who is being tried over the death of Kumanjayi Walker at Yuendumu two years ago is deeply significant. In historical terms, it stands alongside two other major Territory trials.

The first was of Lindy Chamberlain over the death of infant daughter Azaria at Ayers Rock (now Uluṟu) in 1980. Mrs Chamberlain was found guilty but her conviction was later quashed. The second was the trial of Bradley Murdoch over the death of British tourist Peter Falconio near Barrow Creek in 1994. Murdoch was found guilty and is still in jail.

The Chamberlain and Murdoch trials were reported upon to a worldwide audience. Constable Rolfe’s trial is attracting similar attention. Delays in the trial date occasioned by Covid interruptions and representations to determine process taken to the High Court, have heightened expectations.

My hope is that truth will prevail and that the outcome of the case will lead to a fair and just response.

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