ABC financial reporter Daniel Zipper said during an interview (7/2) that a key element in establishing a person’s credit worthiness was the quality of the neighbourhood in which they lived. Residential postcodes are an important part of establishing credit worthiness. That means the credit rating of many Darwinians and Palmerstonians would be very low.


I feel for Larrakeyah management at the moment. The organisation’s staff are striving valiantly to look after the welfare of a huge visitor influx into Darwin from outlying communities. The sheer magnitude of the task is extending patrolling requirements and adding to the long hours of staff. Those who are filling patrol rosters deserve commendation for their empathy and the support they are offering to those in need.


Thank you to the rail and the road construction crews who have worked so hard toward restoring transportation links with southern states. While rail is still a little away off, the huge amount of damage that is being overcome is testament to the skill and attitude toward work of those involved in restoration.

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