I was once asked to address a gathering of the CLP faithful at the Palmerston Golf Club. I was asked to speak in the subject of why women make excellent leaders. I spent a significant amount of time thinking and observing prior to the night and came up with a dozen propositions supporting the notion of female leadership superiority. They are published both on my blog and in serialised form on my LinkedIn account.

As a school principal I appreciated gender balance of staff cohorts but ALWAYS made sure that women were a vital part of my leadership cohorts. I respected their contributions and their suggestions did not fall on deaf ears.

Women are owed a lot more respect than is held for them. But at times men are encumbered by the ‘honey pot’ syndrome, having to dodge women who fling themselves at male leaders in order to curry favour.

But “ssh it’s wrong to even THINK that happens in these enlightened days” isn’t it?

I’d add that as a school leader I respected all female staff, leaders and otherwise.

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