Three Outstanding NT Male Leaders

We are blessed in the NT to have an outstanding number of people, in terms of awareness and leadership, doing great things for our community.

I don’t include politicans or local government representatives in my reflection because they are in a position to create change based upon the authority they have through parliamentary and local government processes.

In terms of men, the three who most stand out to me in terms of their ‘cut through’ and influence, their tenacity, their persistence in pursuing key issues and their focus on issues rather than personality are:

Number 3:

Michael Tooler for his outstanding educational

leadership and for being a school principal who “walks the walk” every step of the way with his school community. His leadership actions honour his calling and recognise his community. He rejoices in the successes of students and staff and is quick to ensure they get the recognition they deserve. He is a very proactive educational influencer.

Number 2:

Charlie King AO, veteran ABC commentator and a man who developed and championed the ‘No More’ movement. Charlie is a community patriarch, an example setter, a conciliator and a person who constantly gives of his efforts and wisdom to out Territory community. He is a man of inestimable compassion and empathy and a leader by example. He is one of the wisest men I know

Number 1:

Adam Drake the founder and leader of Balanced Choice (BC), a transformative program which aims to uplift people in body, mind and spirit. Adam and those within BC work with the territory, around Australia and more recently overseas, to support people, especially young people in deprived and challenging situations. BC offers clients situational appreciation, the ways and means of overcoming and mastering life’s challenges. Adam is totally energised and indefatigable when it comes to working on uplifting others. He sets a powerfully positive example and with BC is an abundant source of support. Hundreds of people can attest to the enrichment that Adam and BC have brought into their lives.

Thank you for the work you do and the contributions you make to this place

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