IT’S A FACT (10)

October 2022

There were 326 full page ads in the NT News* in October.

There were 125 half page ads in the paper for the month.

There have been 3482 full page advertisements in the paper to date this year. There’s have been 1312 half page advertisements for the same period.

That did not count:

. Government announcements

. Covid information.

. Racing information.

. Any folded lift out.

. Any magazine inclusions.

The least number of full page advertisements (1) were printed on October 4, 25 and 26.

The greatest number of advertising pages were printed on October 22 (30).

Stories on crime make up a regular story component. In September there were 77 stories about crime. Crime stories do not generally include regular or daily updates on ongoing cases, for instance the Rolfe or Hoffman trials.

There have been 592 stories in the paper about crime for the first ten months of the year.

* Includes both the ‘NT News’ and ‘Sunday Territorian’.

Please note that I do not count quarter page advertisements in my analysis. It is full page and half page advertisements only. (I did not include half page advertisements in 2021 but they are significant in number so are being added in 2022. Neither are lift-outs (JB Hi Fi and Good Guys for example) included, when they do not form part of the paginated pages in the paper.

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